Testimonials Provided by the Happy Clients

"You are perhaps, the most effective mediator and arbitrator I have encountered. You settled cases for me in which the parties hated one another. I appreciate all of your good work and hope others will take advantage of your skills in resolving disputes.”

-Ward Mazzucco of Chipman Mazzucco Emerson., 2021.

"Upon settling a traumatic brain injury case involving an underinsured motorist with excess coverage for $1.25 million dollars, the plaintiffs’ attorney, Stewart Casper, said: "... I want to convince the mediator of the merits of the case and have defense counsel be confident that he or she is getting a fair deal. Judge Downey fits the bill as mediator... It took all day but the successful mediation avoided a 3-4 week trial and the insured saved some money which makes sense in such a case. Judge Downey is on my list as a great choice that should be acceptable to both sides."

-March 2018

"My firm had a number of difficult cases before Judge Downey while he was on the bench and again when he returned to private practice. He succeeded in settling every one. His mediation skills are unsurpassed. He takes the time to understand the case, listen to the parties, and make thoughtful recommendations. With his judicial experience, he is able to measure negotiated results against the likely outcome in court. He is also practical and realistic. And, he manages always to command the respect of the parties and counsel. For mediation proceedings, and any other form of ADR, I highly recommend Judge Downey."

-Danbury commercial lawyer - January 2016

“Thank you again for your efforts today. You were very helpful in moving the decision makers into a position where they needed to be.”

-Defense attorney, med-mal case from Middlesex County - August-2015

"Thank you for your help in mediating my client's legal malpractice case and for successfully settling it. Your help was invaluable, and a law suit would certainly have resulted without it. You did an outstanding job of earning my client's respect and faith so that she was happy with the result. The outcome was fair and just to both sides."

-Hugh D. Hughes, Esq., New Haven, CT - August 2015

“I think without your help, it never would have settled. I will definitely use you again and have recommended you to others in my office.”

-Senior Attorney, in house counsel for insurance company. November 2014

“You did a great job in helping us settle the case. Thank you so much!”

-Plaintiff’s counsel on same case as above

“Did you hear that our case did settle? You, of course, were instrumental in that. Hope that we can work together again!”

-Senior claims attorney, Midwestern insurance company - November 2013

“Thanks for the good work... it is important to settle as many (cases) as we can.”

-Presiding Judge, civil court, upstate Connecticut - October 2013

“We were very pleased with the effectiveness of the mediation and impressed with the manner in which you conducted it. . . . [W]e . . . have been looking for a while for a good CT mediator. We will certainly call on you again."

-Providence, R.I., trial attorney - September 2013

“You were truly a miracle worker in making such progress in this matter in such a short period of time. It was a pleasure working with you.”

-Norwalk/Wilton Probate District - April, 2012

“Mr. Downey has been named one of Greater Hartford’s top attorneys for Alternative Dispute Resolution.”

-Hartford Magazine - April 2011 edition

“You opened up my client’s eyes and it helped to settle the case. I have recommended you to others already.”

-Hartford trial attorney - January 2011

“Clearly, your grasp of the complexity of the probate issues combined with your empathetic interpersonal communication skills brought all the parties in this emotionally charged case to common ground. The attorneys in the case also commented on your level of professionalism and the fortitude you showed in the face of seemingly immovable positions as the key to bringing about a just and equitable disposition on this matter."

-Judge Anthony DePanfilis, Court of Probate, Norwalk and Wilton

“Your impartial insight allowed both parties to take a fresh look at the case and to step away from their steadfast positions to allow room for a compromise that was in everyone's best interest. Even when it seemed that a settlement was unreachable, you extended additional efforts to ensure that no stone was left unturned and all sides of the case had been thoroughly examined. ... When it seemed almost impossible to find a way to convince my client [to accept] the very reasonable offer of settlement . . . you somehow managed..... Consequently, given the chance to work with you again in a similar setting, I would not pass up the opportunity."

-Annemette Schmid, of Harris, Harris & Schmid

“Judge Downey employed a creative approach, made thoughtful suggestions, did not hesitate speaking with clients when appropriate, and ultimately obtained just and reasonable results. I would not hesitate in seeking Judge Downey’s assistance in future mediation and arbitration matters.”

-Daniel A. Benjamin, Esq., of Benjamin & Gold, P.C.

"Judge Downey always sought to come up with the fairest solution to everyone involved. . . during these pre-trials. . . .Judge Downey would often go out of his way in these conferences by taking as much time as was needed with each case and offering whatever they needed to help. I recall many times his honor offered to speak to the attorneys' clients to help settle the case in a fair manner. . . . he settled many cases fairly in this manner."

-Former case flow clerk, Superior Court.

"I will be recommending your services to other attorneys in need of a great mediator.”

-Trial attorney from Danbury area

"This case would not have settled without your insight, comments and judicial perspective. My clients were difficult and unrealistic and you brought them back to earth- in a nice way. I am recommending you to others.”

-Trial attorney from Hartford

"Thank you for the fine job of mediation in this matter (PI-slip and fall). I do believe a fair and just result was obtained.”

-Trial attorney from Milford, CT